About CAPD

History of CAPD:

CAPD was founded as a result of a personal experience of living and working in Bucaramanga, Colombia. At that time, a community organization called FANDIC (friends of disabled children for their integration into the community) was established to address the needs of children with disability and their families. Noting the paucity of local information resources and support for newly founded entities, CAPD was established to support community-based organizations and to promote health and education in Latin America.

CAPD has supported projects in Colombia, Mexico, Belize and Costa Rica. We currently limit our activities to Colombia.

Our Vision:  

To facilitate the integration of people disadvantaged by circumstance or disability as contributing members of their communities and society through the removal of barriers to education and the building of individual and organizational capacities internationally.

Our Mission:  

We support participatory community development initiatives with people disadvantaged by circumstance or disability. Our goal is to promote collective actions that enhance development of knowledge, leadership, and volunteerism and that lead to enhanced quality of life and dignity.  


To provide impoverished people and people with disabilities with the training and assistance needed to improve the quality of their life.

Mission Implementation Strategy:

CAPD builds long-term relationship of trust and respect with our community partners, initially in Colombia, through a process of accompaniment in which there is reciprocal learning and understanding. We value authentic participation of our partners by affirming abilities, promoting local leadership and enhancing opportunities for self-actualization. We develop and assist with educational activities, financial support, technical support, networking and research.