FANDIC 25th anniversary

Celebration of the 25th anniversary with many friends and collaborators.

The picture above is a great reminder of the people involved in creating and sustaining FANDIC over the last 25 years. There are family members, professionals, volunteers and CAPD Board members.

The journey has not been easy. Basically, it was like a mountain trek with ups and downs, paths that were stony and difficult, and frigid streams that had to be crossed. But there were also beautiful views along the way that sustained us until this point of reaching the high of celebrating 25 years! Congratulations FANDIC!

FANDIC’s core members work hard to prepare for the 4-day anniversary celebrations. Bryanda is on the left, Katherine in the centre and Olguita on the right. Rocio is in the background with her son Cristian.

Four CAPD Board members travelled to Bucaramanga to celebrate with Fandic. Left to right is Doña Carmen, FANDIC mother of a child with disability and her niece, Glenn CAPD and wife Maysan, Maribel, Carmen’s daughter, Marlene CAPD, Martha FANDIC, and Bryanda FANDIC. In the rear are Alfonso CAPD, Martha CAPD, and Diego FANDIC.

FANDIC presented photos that spanned the 25 years in 5-year blocks on the walls of Fandic Norte. In the photo above, Rocio presents the Green Light program’s 4 projects: academic, environmental, entrepreneurship & saving, and empowerment. She also took us on tour to Mesa de los Santos.

We travelled over a very rough road to a rural agricultural village to meet parents and students at one of the 13 local schools where the program is active. We heard so many good stories and saw the joy in faces as they told us about the positive effect of the program in their daily lives.

Thirteen years ago, this program came into being at behest of community leaders who talked about parents not able to afford school uniforms and kids working in the fields to boost family income. This year 51 beneficiares graduated from high school in Santander and Guajira. Three students from this village alone were attending university or technical college. Students and parents are proud of their accomplishments.

Parents also talked about the benefits of the savings program stating that they could now afford to tackle special projects such as a house expansion for a growing family. They talked about the benefit of the environmental project to plants trees and recycle plastic. Recycling meant fewer fires to burn garbage thus helping them keep their environment clean.

Green Light beneficiaries meet with visiting CAPD members to talk about their experiences.

We met FANDIC mothers, sons and daughters, that have developed their capabilities over the years. The young man below is a case in point.

Julian was a young child when he joined FANDIC and was part of the dance group. Now he is in University. We listen attentively as he tells his story.
This is the dance group today. They entertained us on multiple occasions during the festivities.

We visited both Fandic Norte and Fandic Sur where we met children and adults in the therapy program. The images below are of happy children at Fandic Sur.

These women form the elected committee of the Fandic savings group. It was year end and closure of the program for 2023. During the year, careful record was kept of each member’s monthly savings. At year end, the record was checked for the amount registered for each member, then placed in the envelopes seen at the bottom of the picture. Then each member was called to receive congratulation and her package of savings.

This last image is of our CAPD President, Martha Rojas. Martha is fully committed to CAPD and the support of FANDIC, which she has grown to love more and more with each visit.

Thank you all who have read the blog over the years and supported CAPD and FANDIC.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year, good health and much success in your endeavours in 2024.