Isidoro, The Chocolate Man

Isidoro Caballero with Sara his salesperson on the left, and Claudia his chocolatier on the right.

Some of you may remember the blog written in May1, 2018 about Isidoro, a man with vision. His business is Chocolates Caballero located in San Vincente de Chucurí, Santander. He has made a lot of progress since 2018. His products are now registered with the Colombian National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance IMVIMA and being sold to distributors, chocolatiers, and supermarkets, as well as to local customers. My favourite products are the ones held by Isidoro – powdered chocolate and chocolate in balls, both for making hot chocolate.

I admire Isidoro because of his resolve to look for solutions. He did not give up despite setbacks such as the pandemic that killed business in his previous store front. His present location is next to the main plaza and is shared with two other complimentary businesses thus reducing operational costs.

Isidoro, Bob, and Marlene in front of a 3-D painting of a cocoa bean painted on his factory wall.

Isidoro is in the process of acquiring a “Green Product” designation and has made connections with larger companies to help him to market his product.

As to sustainability, Isidoro welcomes his two daughters, Marcela and Gennifer, to take on roles as business administrator and financial manager.

Please read the blog posted on May 1, 2018, to learn more about Isidoro’s early life and how he overcame the odds.

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Isidoro Caballero Arenas – Gerente

Cra. 27 No. 7-03 – Yariguies 2

315 204 4086 – 316 694 1979

Facebook: tienda de chocolates caballero