FANDIC Centre Opens

A 2021 contract with the Bucaramanga Municipal Government signals change. Fandic now provides in-person services albeit with masks and precautions in place

Fandic provides therapies for 56 families in the urban centre. The pictures above and below show the evaluation of children in the FANDIC Centre. Children receive therapy in key areas such as occupational, speech and physical therapy, and psychology.

Also, for the first time ever, FANDIC is responsible for rehabilitation for 30 families in the rural sector.

Details are recorded in first home visit to a rural home. These families are on the government’s roster and signal an expansion of FANDIC’s coverage.

Leaders, Olga Lucia and Bryanda, are very happy to be using the FANDIC Centre on a full-time basis again. They welcome the expansion of services and their new therapy team, who received preliminary training as pictured below.

The team received training in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). CBR is a WHO health and rehabilitation strategy that emphasizes rights and opportunities for people with disability through education and awareness at all levels – family, community, and government.
FANDIC proudly presents its professional team for 2021.

CAPD congratulates FANDIC on moving through a difficult time and embracing new challenges. We wish them well as they live out their mission to provide integrated services and opportunities for children with disability and their families.