CAPD programs during COVID 19

Hello Everyone,

As Colombia learns to deal with the shock of the pandemic, new ways of providing service while keeping vulnerable populations safe are created. FANDIC is a case in point.

The Bucaramanga municipality contracted FANDIC to provide service to 72 vulnerable children and their families. FANDIC developed home programs designed to meet the general needs of those children enrolled in school (26%), those who are independent, semi-independent, and dependent.

Home program instruction kits are provided to the families on a weekly basis. Professionals (occupational therapist, physiotherapist and 2 psychologists) make up the kits and provide individual interventions by telephone, WhatsApp, zoom or whatever media the family prefers.

The parent or caregiver uses the instruction kits to provide therapy to their child with the positive result that parents are participating even more than before COVID. It is, in effect, a powerful example of the effectiveness of empowering families to take charge while providing backup professional assistance.     

This method of working has been a huge adjustment for everyone and certainly more work for professionals and staff. But is has been worth it. Parents are compliant and thankful to have the support of FANDIC. The kits are working well as well as virtual counselling by professionals. The evidence is in their feedback and videos sent of their home treatment sessions.

Please have a look at this short video made by FANDIC about a month ago. English subtitles are posted on the pictures:

It is our intention to provide you, our friends and donors, information on how our programs are coping during the pandemic. Bob and I have suspended our plans to make personal visits until some indeterminate time in the future.    

Thanks for your interest and support,