Treated to a Fiesta – Visit part 2


WELCOME TO OUR PARTY – FANDIC is the message that greeted us as we walked into the venue. For one hour we were treated to a talent show featuring Fandic children, their brothers and sisters, and their mothers.

There was traditional folk dancing.
There was traditional folk dancing.
As well as improvised expressions.

Everyone got into the act…

She dances while her sister helps stabilize    img_0194b

Even the mothers danced for us.


But it was the ‘dramatic’ dancing that was new and very impressive.  The couple below are acting out the story of the song, a level of expression I had not seen before. The credit goes to the woman in a uniform above, a professional dance teacher, who has come to work with Fandic.


Back at therapy they work in pairs on life skills that emphasize learning, memory and expression of speech.   As you can see, they often contribute to each others input.


Learning is made enjoyable judging by the smile on Daniel’s face!


FANDIC was registered as a non-profit organization in 1998. Since then they have grown to operate in two locations, the original north site that is located close to the homes of the families and is their second home, and the central site that operates social programs as well as private therapy. This year their social program includes 64 children from the impoverished north sector. There are many more children needing therapy in this sector, however. They seem to come from between the cracks within society. Their financial support comes from government contracts, private donors and CAPD.