In November of last year, ASODISPIE was still in their rented facilities. Twelve months later they have their own brand-new centre on a plot of land provided for their use by the municipality of Piedecuesta. They have done a tremendous job and deserve a lot of credit. They are grateful to those who helped them realize a 14 year-old dream: the mayor of Piedecuesta who made it possible for them to have the land on which to build, Carlos the engineer and construction manager, CAPD and the Ruitoque Rotary club for their financial assistance. The pictures below will give you a quick tour of the Centre followed by a few pictures of other activities. I hope you agree with me that they deserve a pat on the back and a hearty “CONGRATULATIONS”. Marlene

These two men made it happen: Henry the President (on the far side) and Oscar the treasurer.

Students coming for painting class descend from the bus funded by the Alberta Government and CAPD to walk up the access ramp.

This is a side view of the building.

A front view.

This hallway leads to physical, occupational and speech language therapy rooms. Notice the paintings on the walls painted by ASODISPIE members.

One of the therapy rooms. The therapy service is just in its initial phases. ASODISPIE has initiated the accreditation process to become a therapy clinic.

And, of course, they have accessible bathrooms with showers.

Would you believe they have a little duck pond with hens, roosters and ducks? The plan is to sell the eggs.

Lyrrobs, the administrator, returns a duckling to the pen so it can fight for a few morsels at feeding time.

As in past years, we constructed special seating for children with very special needs.

Our team worked efficiently on seating for two children.

The FANDIC dance troupe helped them celebrate a pre-inauguration.

And now it's time to say "so long", it has been a good day.

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