The First Filters Roll Out

The first water filters have been poured! We filled only 2 of the 8 molds on this occasion to determine if our cement and gravel combinations made a good product. Read on to find the answer.
Leticia, the village of the first stage of the project. The donkey is reluctant to get his feet wet.
This school room was used for meetings. Note the piles of gravel for the project.

The village water committee meets with project coordinator and Rotarian.

Our work space with filter molds standing guard.

First, we sand and clean the filter molds.

We mix the cement...

using this amazingly clean gravel...

We pour the cement in the mold...

...trying to keep the tube, that brings filtered water back up to the spout, clear.

We chat while waiting for another bucket of cement, using the bottle of detergent to keep the tube fixed in position.

Eliminating air pockets from the concrete.

The project coordinator updates the process document.

The technician and coordinator get to know each other.

The front piece of the mold is removed revealing the filter spout.

The entire mold is removed. The box is very good on the first trial as proudly noted by the technician and his helper.

The clean-up begins

All mold pieces are scrubbed.

Even yours truly got into the act!

The group proudly poses for the photo

And the filters are rolled away for the next step of the process.

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